San Diego Bounce House & Slide Combos for Awesome Birthday Fun!

There is no greater excitement for a child than finding out that they have been invited to a party that will have a bounce house set up in the backyard. It is no secret that children love everything about bounce houses. Many parents are decided to treat their kids with the party of a lifetime, and have surprised them by renting a bounce house — but why not take it up a notch and try renting something new and exciting like a bounce house and slide combo?

Different Combos

When choosing which bounce house to rent from the San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals, many parents choose to go for the bounce house and slide combo, as it offers some extra features. Some bounce houses for rent in San Diego offer special combos such as inflatable basketball hoops, pop-up obstacles, climbing ramps, and inflatable slides.

Different Themes

Kids have different interests, so an array of themed bounce house and slide combos have been designed to cater to the preferences of every child. In fact, when choosing which bounce house and slide combo to rent in San Diego, many parents are surprised at how many choices they actually have. Not only are there themes for every holiday, but there are Disney, underwater, princess, jungle, sport, and alien themes. Also, our bounce house rentals are frequently updated, so chances are your child’s favorite character will be available from San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

Create a memorable birthday party in San Diego for your child with our inflatable bounce house and slide combos, all at an affordable price. Browse our current bounce house and slide combos today at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

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Streamline Outdoor Event Planning with San Diego Equipment Rentals

Planning an outdoor event or birthday party has never been so easy, and it’s all due to San Diego’s equipment rentals. Instead of having to rent tons of equipment from different businesses, party planners can now get everything they need from San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

The Perfect Outdoor Party

Picture the perfect outdoor party in your mind. Does it involve long tables with happily seated guests, a round table for the children situated underneath a carnival tent, a bounce house, a snow cone, popcorn, and hotdog machine, with a wireless speaker and microphone for shoutouts and speeches? All of these key party aspects used to be very difficult to pinpoint, but now thanks to San Diego’s equipment rentals, renting these fun party materials are as easy as surfing the internet or talking on the phone!

A Great Variety

When choosing to plan an event using San Diego’s equipment rentals, having a theme in mind can be helpful. In fact, everything from food machines to special effects machines can be rented, which is why San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals has become the go-to choice for many event planners, parents, and adults! Having everything in one place makes everything more simple, and being able to quickly handpick fun and quality items is a luxury that many people can now afford.

Birthday Party Planning

Since outdoor parties are ideal for the summer time, it is no wonder that parents take to planning their events in their backyards; however, most guests enjoy sitting down while eating, and so it is important to have enough seats and chairs for everyone. When choosing to rent equipment rentals in San Diego, many parents are pleased to find out that tables, chairs, canopies, and a variety of other party necessities are available as part of our available equipment rentals — which makes accommodating guests of all ages a whole lot easier!

Back in the day, event planning could be a hassle for those who weren’t experts, but now that San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals offers equipment rentals in San Diego, planning a party has never been more enjoyable! Imagine being able to plan the party of your child’s dreams completely online without having to take one trip to a store! Find the equipment rentals you need today at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals!

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Event Planners: Make Your Client Stand Out at Their Next San Diego Trade Show

Calling all event planners; it’s time to make your client stand out with San Diego party rentals. As an event planner, it is your responsibility to ensure your client stands out, especially at their trade show! Luckily, at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals, we have the rentals you need to do just that!


San Diego Party Rentals


From tables and chairs, to photo booths and music players, we have you covered with our equipment rentals in San Diego. As an event planner, creativity is the name of the game. It is your job to create a stunning presentation for your client at a trade show to ensure people will visit their booth.


Here are a few of our San Diego party rentals we suggest for your next trade show (and why) :



Tables are essential for a trade show. Put a decorative table cloth over top of this rectangular table and set up shop! This isn’t one of the more exciting equipment rentals in San Diego, but it is important! Determine how many tables you will need for your trade show display and/or chairs for your workers and guests.


Demonstration Screen

Visuals are a must at a trade show booth! Wow your spectators with our standalone movie screen! This screen will make videos and photos enticing to passing guests and encourage them to stop. Include a visual display, similar to our movie screen, to ensure you are capturing their attention!



Project yourself! At a trade show, it is easy to get lost in the mix. You want to make your presence known. Rent our microphone and speaker to be sure your booth is noticed!


For more of our rentals that will make your client stand out at their next San Diego trade show, visit our website or contact us at 858-560-2700.


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Best Bounce House Rental Ideas for Christmas Parties

The holidays are here and that means one thing…parties! Break out the eggnog, your favorite Christmas jingles and the best bounce house rentals in San Diego! When you’re planning a Christmas party, entertainment is the focal point. You want to ensure your guests are having an unforgettable time with authentic Christmas decor at every turn.


At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have the best Christmas rentals to choose from! If you’re in search of the best bounce house rentals in San Diego, look no further. Below, we will show you the best bounce houses for your holiday party this year.


Gingerbread Bounce House


A life size gingerbread house? Could you ask for anything more at your Christmas party? This bounce house rental is a must for your holiday party this year. Children and adults will be in awe of this authentic gingerbread house! Not only does this bounce house rental in San Diego offer an impressive decor element, but it also serves as entertainment!


It looks so real you will want to eat the gumdrop buttons right off the house!


Christmas Large Jump


Depending on the size of your guest list, this bounce house could be perfect! If your holiday party is on the larger side, or is being held in a large venue, this bounce house will undoubtedly be the main attraction!


With Christmas colors, Santa and his reindeer, you can’t get any more festive than this! This bounce house has enough room for several people to bounce and play, comfortably. This Christmas bounce house will be the talk of the town!


If you have a smaller guest list, consider our 5-1 combo inflatable bounce house for entertaining your guests! This bounce house has a slide, along with other unique features that will have your guests bouncing for hours!


Visit our website and view all of our festive holiday rentals! We have the best bounce houses in San Diego to choose from! Happy Holidays from all of us at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals!

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3 Great Ideas for Holiday Parties in San Diego

The holidays are almost here! Doesn’t it feel like they were just yesterday? Where does the time go? With the coming of the holidays mean holiday parties are to follow. If you’re in charge of throwing your family, friends or corporate holiday party, you’ve probably been racking your brain for something creative to wow your guests with this year.

Holiday parties are an exciting time to gather friends, family and coworkers around. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have great ideas for holiday parties! Here are the 3 holiday party ideas we have for your next San Diego bash!



Santa Claus & Elves

Holiday entertainment is a great idea for your guests! Our San Diego party rental entertainment features holiday-inspired characters for your guests to enjoy. Our entertainment includes:

  • Santa Claus
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Elves
  • Grinchy Party Character
  • Facepainting

Don’t miss a great opportunity to embrace the holiday spirit with our theme entertainers! Imagine your holiday guests telling Santa what they want for Christmas this year, having their faces painted by festively dressed elves and more! View all of our holiday entertainment on our website.

  1. Gingerbread Bounce House!

Christmas Gingerbreak Bounce House Rental Winter Holidays

What could be more festive than a real life gingerbread house? Take your shoes off, put the eggnog down and jump for joy! This is one of our most popular holiday party rentals! If you are looking for a way to keep the kids entertained, our inflatable gingerbread bounce house is the perfect holiday themed form of entertainment! This snowy, Christmas decorated house will be a beautiful aesthetic for your guests. Nothing says Christmas like a gingerbread house in San Diego! View all of our similar items and choose the perfect party rental in San Diego!

  1. Snow Machine

Snow Machine Rental San Diego Holiday Parties

In San Diego, snow is a rare occurrence. But we are all dreaming of a white Christmas, aren’t we? Let that dream become a reality this year with our snow machine! This San Diego party rental is the best way to bring that white Christmas to San Diego, California. Wow your guests with a winter wonderland and holiday-themed entertainment and fun! Our snow machine is wildly popular for those in the San Diego area so be sure to reserve this party rental in advance. We want to help make your holiday party truly magical! The best part? It’s portable!

Contact us for more holiday party ideas and about information regarding rentals.

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Inflatable Games Kids Will Love for San Diego Birthday Parties

If you’re throwing a birthday party for kids, you are probably wondering what party rentals would be the best to entertain everybody. In order to entertain a kid, you have to think like one! Now, what birthday party rentals San Diego would really wow your kids and keep them entertained for hours? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we are the kid entertainment experts! We are here to help you find various rentals that will be perfect for special occasion. Today, we will show you some inflatable games that kids will love for San Diego birthday parties!

Jumper Rental San Diego

Jump houses are a kid’s best friend and lucky for you, we have plenty to choose from! We have traditional bounce houses and inflatable games that will keep your kids entertained for hours! We will show you some of our best birthday party rentals San Diego for you to choose from! Whether you are looking for traditional or something different, our party rentals have something for everybody.

Jousting Arena

Up for a little friendly competition? Put on your protective headwear, grab your jousting stick and go! This jousting arena is a popular attraction for kids birthday parties to engage and battle it out to the last kid standing! The kids will feel like two gladiators jousting in front of a coliseum full of cheering people! If one of the kids experiences defeat, they will be greeted by a safe, inflatable to cushion their landing. Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

Mechanical Shark Ride

Hold on tight and ride the mechanical shark until you can’t hold on any longer! Kids will be lining up to ride the shark and try their luck on this wild ride. Just like a mechanical bull, the kids will ride on the back of the shark, holding on tightly as they are tossed and turned every which way. This inflatable attraction is very popular, don’t miss out on your kids birthday this year! Call us for availability and reserve the mechanical shark today! Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

World Sports Games

Basketball, frisbee, baseball, soccer and football. The perfect inflatable game station for a birthday party in San Diego! Encourage the kids to be competitive and take a swing at the world sports games inflatable! This attraction is made for a birthday party and will keep your kids entertained until the time they leave! Make it really interesting and offer prizes and rounds for the kids participating. They will love the incentives, and you will be amazed with their enthusiasm! Be advised: an adult should be present during this activity for safety purposes.

Contact us at San Diego Kids Party Rentals for all of your birthday party needs!

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10 Ideas For Your Kids Party Rentals

You’re planning a party for your kid and you need some great ideas for the planning process. You’ve racked your brain for the best ideas, and you’ve hit a roadblock. It’s time to consult the professionals, the best kids party rentals in the area. Welcome to San Diego Kids Party Rentals, let’s start planning!


  • Step Right Up to the Best Carnival in Town!


Do you know who loves carnivals? Kids! Lucky for you, we have EVERYTHING you need to plan an unforgettable carnival for your next bash. From carnival themed games to entertainers, red and white tents, food machines and more, you are guaranteed to leave the children with a party they’ll never forget. Don’t forget the cotton candy!


  • Jump! Jump!


It’s time to let the kids loose! This kids party rental is in high demand and will NEVER go out of style. Bounce houses! We have bounce houses, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, games and more. The kids will spend hours jumping, laughing and making unforgettable memories with their friends. We have various inflatables to choose from, so you have lots of options!


  • May the Best Man Win


Games and prizes, what would the kids love more? Included in our long list of kids party rentals, we have many games to choose from so you can really take your party over the top. Buy small prizes and allow the kids to compete for the best ones! What better way to keep the kids entertained on a Saturday afternoon? It’s party time, may the best man win, or kid we should say!


  • Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!


Popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate fondue, the options are endless! We know one thing for sure, kids love food! (Adults too!) Include all the best party foods for your kid and their guests to enjoy. Don’t forget the coolers, generators and other equipment you will need to keep the drinks cool and the food warm!


  • Can I Have Your Autograph?


Did you know we have top of the line entertainment? Entertainers, clowns, characters, princesses, performers and more. Check out all the entertainment we have to offer and wow your kids at the party. Pick the right entertainment for the theme of your party!


  • Boo!


Are you throwing a spooky party? Halloween can be celebrated ANY time of year! If you’re Halloween junkies like us, fear no more. We have a tab dedicated to Halloween decor, entertainment and party planning on our website. We have everything you need to throw the spookiest kids party in town.


  • Time to Get Crafty


Keep the kids occupied and give them something to take home with them. We offer kids party rentals that include arts and crafts to keep the kids busy! What better way to corral a group of children than a fun craft event? Check out all the crafts we offer for your kids party.


  • Lights, Camera, Action!


Skip the movie theater this year and host your own movie. Choose whatever movie you want to show in your backyard. Let the birthday boy or girl choose what movie they would like to be shown on your very own inflatable movie screen. We have popcorn makers, movie screens, chairs, tables and more. Talk about an original party concept!


  • PartyOn


Kids love selfies, pictures and photo booths. One of our many popular party rentals includes a photo booth with social media capabilities. Bring funny props and let the kids take funny, creative pictures they can take home as a keepsake. This rental will truly be a hit for all, parents included!


  • Abracadabra!


Magic is a kid’s best friend. If you’re looking for a great way to entertain the kids, hire one of our talented magicians. Our performers will wow your children and their guests with a truly spectacular magic show. Sit back and enjoy the mysterious workings of magic!

Contact us and find the perfect kids party rentals today!

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Inflatable Rentals For Your Fall Festivals and Celebrations

Fall is on its way to California which means it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re throwing a fall festival or celebration, you will need inflatable rentals to ensure your guests are celebrating the right way! At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have the BEST inflatable rentals including bounce houses, mazes, obstacle courses and more! Now, let’s talk about that fall-tastic festival you’re about to host.

It starts with the basics.

Any party planner will tell you that it starts with the basics! You need a gameplan of what you will need, how many guests are attending, what their interests are, so on and so forth. We have everything you need to throw the best festival in town from tables and chairs to face painting and entertainment. Next, you will need to seek out some A-list entertainment! If you want your festival, party or celebration to truly be a hit, you will to provide the fun! Here’s where we come in to save the day.

Inflatable Rentals in San Diego

Include a bounce house for the kids to enjoy! A bounce house allows hours of enjoyment and play time! What better way to welcome fall to the beautiful state of California than some well-deserved time in the bounce house? We have several inflatable rentals to choose from varying in size, theme and features! Do you want to add competition to the mix? Offer small prizes and rent our inflatable obstacle course for the occasion! Kids will be trying their hardest to conquer the inflatable obstacle course. Or perhaps they want a challenge including interactives and games! We have it all, take a look at all of our inflatable bounce houses.

It’s time to start planning your fall festivals and celebrations! Contact one of our party professionals and find out how our rentals are the perfect fit for your next gathering! Now, it’s time to celebrate the coming of fall!

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Rent Your Own Haunted Room This Halloween For Some Spooky Fun!

The ghosts and ghouls are waiting for your arrival! Imagine a room with the spookiest, scariest decorations of all! Tis the season for Halloween celebrations and shenanigans. Are you looking for the perfect haunted room to scare your guests? San Diego Kids Party Rentals has the best haunted room rentals to choose from! Here’s how you can have the spookiest Halloween attraction in town!

Our Halloween room rentals come with standard decorations that will surely frighten your guests! What could you do to liven up the party? Add the effects! We have fog machines and strobe lights that will add atmosphere to your haunted room. Looking for something to really send your guests home screaming? We might have an idea how!

Imagine walking through our haunted rooms with the fog, lights and spooky decorations when–a vampire emerges from the darkness! That’s right, we offer San Diego party rentals including entertainers! Pick one of your favorite, scariest entertainers to truly make your haunted room rental unforgettable!

Don’t forget the details! Will your guests be eating? Will your party include games? Do you need a cooler for drinks? We have everything you need to ensure the best Halloween party in all of San Diego! Make a list of all the equipment you will need in order to throw the best Halloween party on the block! Making a list can be stressful, we understand. Luckily, our website has you covered with everything you need. And certainly don’t forget Frankie the Live Giant at your party this year! He’s waiting to scare your party guests this Halloween season!

Contact us, or visit our website and browse all of our San Diego party rentals! Happy Halloween!

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The Best Halloween Equipment Rentals in San Diego

September has arrived and that means fall is upon us! With the summer coming to an end and fall right around the corner, it’s time to start planning for Halloween! If you’re looking for the scariest, spookiest Halloween rentals in San Diego, we have you covered! We want to show you the best equipment rentals in San Diego for your Halloween bash! Your guests will be wowed with your festive decorations and Halloween celebrations this year! Here’s how:

Pick your decorations in categories!

Organizing the planning process is essential to ensure you are not missing any important Halloween rentals! The categories include inflatables, games, entertainment, haunted rooms, fog/light machines, tables/chairs and more. Let’s start with the big stuff including our famous haunted rooms and inflatables!

What type of Halloween party would it be without a haunted house or a spooky bounce house? A haunted room would really liven the party with screams and shrieks at every turn! Our interactive haunted houses offer the most Halloween fun you will find in San Diego! Explore all of our haunted rooms and equipment rentals in San Diego here. Spooky bounce houses are the most fun part of the party! Let the kids bounce the night away with their very own franken-house!

Don’t forget the games! Games will encourage your guests to interact with one another and bring out their competitive side! Our Halloween games bring out the holiday spirit while bringing out the fun! Our festive games include trick or treat and Halloween style carnival games! Check them out and rent your favorite here!

For all our other Halloween rentals in San Diego, visit our website! Don’t forget the special effects–tables, chairs, decorations–San Diego Kids Party Rentals has everything you need to make this Halloween the spookiest ever! Contact us today!  

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