Best ‘No Occasion’ Fun: Try Our Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Do you remember the last time you threw the kids a surprise “no good reason” party and let them invite all their friends? If you can’t, then it has been far too long and about time you did something about it. With spring just around the corner and with it, lots of warm sunny weather, it is the perfect time to check out the latest in inflatable water slide rentals from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Selection Counts

At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have an amazing selection of inflatable water slide rentals for you to choose from. Unlike many other party rental stores that might carry one or two water slides, we wanted to be sure we had one of the biggest selections in town. We offer no less than seven different inflatable water slides for you to choose from.

We have three different slip ‘n slides, including two that have dual lanes so the kids can have races. Better yet, why not organize a series of races with prizes for winners in each category? Kids love to play in the water, but they will love it even more if they are competing for a prize such as a small toy or piece of candy.

We also have four that are more traditional in style with built-in ladders the kids can use to climb to the top. We have a corkscrew slide, straight slides, and right turn slides for you to choose from for your next outdoor kids’ party.

Easy to Set Up

One more reason to take a good look at our inflatable water slide rentals is that they are so easy to set up. All you need is a water connection and a power outlet to keep the blower running. The rest is simply waiting for the slide to become fully inflated before you add water and kids. Each slide is cleaned and inspected before being placed back into the ready to rent list at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Be sure to make your reservation early as our inflatable water slide rentals tend to go very quickly and remain booked far out in advance. We do, however, require a 50% deposit to reserve your slide. You can pay it using a credit card at the time of your reservation or come in and pay it in person.

We do the hard work for you. We deliver and set up our inflatable water slide rentals, which takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on which water slide you decide to rent. We also take care of taking it back down at the end of the party and haul it away. The only thing you need to do is take care of making sure everyone at the party is having a great time. When you are ready to have a “no good reason” party for your kids and their friends, check out our inflatable water slide rentals at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

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Awesome Carnival Game Rentals Make Great Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas

The end of the school year is coming up fast and to make matters more interesting, your coworkers have decided to put you in charge of putting together the end of year celebrations. Kindergarten age children tend to be pretty easy to please, but if you are looking for some great kindergarten graduation party ideas, we recommend renting a few carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals to spice up the event.

If There’s One Thing

If there’s one thing that young children like to do, it’s play games. One of our most popular kindergarten graduation ideas is to put together a selection of carnival games for everyone to play at the graduation party.

There is nothing wrong with putting together a few homemade games for the kids to play. But you can up the ante and give your students a graduation party they won’t soon forget! At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have a huge selection of carnival games for you to choose from that are guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face.

Create Your Own Midway

While one or two carnival games might work, when it comes to kindergarten graduation party ideas, we recommend you rent several different games and use them to create your own midway, just like the one seen at most carnivals. The kids (and their families) will get a big kick out of being able to walk the midway playing the same games they have seen and played at the many carnivals that have come through your area over the course of time.

Make your child’s graduation party the hit of the year, by choosing from the largest selection of carnival games for rent in the San Diego area. The entire selection we offer is the perfect complement to your next kindergarten graduation party.

So Many Carnival Games to Choose From

We have literally dozens of games for you to choose from, ranging from inflatable basketball hoop challenges, to games like Down-a-Clown, where kids try their best to knock down the clowns and win a prize. We also offer a number of inflatable arcade games, such as Beat the Light and Skeet Ball. There are so many to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding which ones you want.

But carnival games are only a part of our kindergarten graduation party ideas. Why not consider adding a bouncy house and maybe a really cool water slide to the party? Your kindergarteners will have one of the best graduation parties ever when you visit us at San Diego Kids Party Rentals and order several of our carnival games, a water slide, and of course, a bouncy house.

Come visit our online catalog and place your order. We recommend ordering your games early as the most popular ones tend to be booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance. What sets us apart from the other rental services is our willingness to deliver, set up, take down, and clean all of your party rental items so you have nothing to worry about except making sure your students have a great time.

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Get Ready for Spring & Summer Fun with Our Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

With winter slowly starting to recede, spring and summer are just around the corner. With this time of year comes hot weather, picnics, and of course, tons of outdoor activities. For those planning their school fundraisers, finding the right activities to draw in the crowds has always been challenging.

Standard fundraising events are all well and good, but only go so far. When you really want to raise money for your school, you have to come up with something that is going to wow the crowds. And what better way to do so than by checking out the inflatable water slide rentals available at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.Water Slide Rental in San Diego

Time to Cool Down

When the weather is hot outside and the crowds are starting to get overheated, they need a way to cool down in a hurry. What better way to do so than sliding down a slippery slope into a nice big pool of cool, clear water? Kids of all ages will have a blast slip-sliding their way down into the pool at the end of the run.

We offer a number of different inflatable water slide rentals for you to choose from. How much fun the kids at your school fund-raiser this spring or summer have depends on which one of our water slides you decide to choose. Each of them is guaranteed to be fun.

Choose from Our Selection of Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

At the Top of the Line-Up

Start at the top, with our 56-foot long dual-lane Tropical Water Slide, one of the newest additions to our lineup. This amazing water slide starts out with a radical slide angle that drops the rider a full 22 feet down the tropical slide before shooting them down the 34 feet of remaining slide. This slide is perfect for school fundraisers, backyard parties, block parties, and so much more. This slide is big enough that even the teenagers are sure to have a blast.

Going Straight Is Not Everything

There are times when going straight can feel pretty boring. If you prefer something with a little more of a twist to it, we have you covered. As part of our inflatable water slide rentals, we are proud to offer our Corkscrew Water Slide. Riders start out by climbing 17 steps up to the top of the 22-foot slide. On the way down the slide rotates you through a 180 degree right turn, building up speed the whole way as you roar through the tunnel, before hitting one last 90-degree turn at the end of this 44-foot water slide.

For the Younger Ones

No event is complete without something for the younger kids to enjoy (or the bigger ones too). For this, we have our 38-foot long 2-Lane Run ‘n Splash water slide. Think of this as a massive slip ‘n slide for two. The kids can have competitions to see who can slide the furthest, with the winner getting a prize.

When it comes to finding the perfect addition to your spring and summer school fundraisers, backyard parties or just about any other outdoor event you have planned, why not include at least one of the many inflatable water slide rentals available from San Diego Kids Party Rentals? Your party is sure to make a splash!

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Add a Big Top Tent & Create an Authentic Carnival Game Atmosphere

No circus or carnival themed party is complete without the big top. That huge tent is where all of the real action takes place. With this in mind, why on earth would you even think about throwing a carnival themed party without a big top tent? Big splashy birthday parties are all the rage these days with more parents looking at themed parties as a way to go all out. Carnival games have become very popular with the younger crowd who want to be kept busy.

It Doesn’t Matter What the Weather Does

For most parents, one of the biggest worries about hosting an outdoor party complete with a selection of carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals is the weather. It doesn’t take a lot of rain to wash out the best planned outdoor party. Ready for some good news? There is a great way you can keep your party going no matter what the weather does.

How do you do this? By adding a Big Top Tent to the party. These brightly colored striped tents look just like scaled-down versions of the real thing. Our tents offer a 10-foot by 20-foot circus-themed canopy. The blue and yellow vertical stripes are dotted with circus posters that only add to the atmosphere.

Big Top Tents Become the Focal Point of the Party

Inside the tent is plenty of room to set up the carnival games if the weather turns bad.  But, even if you have a nice sunny day with picture perfect weather, you can always use a nice big tent. You can use the space for the tables full of food; or set out tables for the kids to sit at while they have their cake and ice cream. Or tents can be used to give the grownups some shade while the kids run around out in the sun.

Having a big top tent can give the perfect place for the kids to unwind after a long day of playing carnival games. It’s also the perfect place to host a movie night and sleepover after the party. Have all of those who can stay over bring a sleeping bag, make hot cocoa, set up the big screen and bring on the movies. Talk about creating a birthday party those who were “lucky” enough to be invited to will never forget!

Best Carnival Games for Your Party

When it comes to a party like this, it’s all about the different party games you have set up for the kids to play. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we offer dozens of carnival games for you to choose from. We have games for all ages of children to ensure you can find the perfect games for your party. The best part is that our tents are approved for use in any San Diego public park or venue, so you can always book a spot and take the party safely away from your home to a park that may be more centrally located to everyone.  Contact us today to schedule your carnival games and tent rentals. Book early as these items tend to be booked out in advance.

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Play Your Favorite Carnival Game Classics Along with Your Kids – Rent Today!

What child doesn’t like to go to the carnival and spend countless hours playing the many great carnival games that line the main promenade?  Most of us still have that little kid inside of us that jumps out at the first sign of a ring toss, or bean bag toss in the milk can. As parents, these simple games bring back childhood memories while at the same time letting us share them with our own kids. But the only real problem is that not only does the carnival only come through once or twice a year, but they have become very expensive to attend.

Host Your Own School Carnival

Thanks to the ever-growing list of carnival games we carry at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, you can now host your own carnival! These days, finding a reputable carnival that isn’t going to take a huge cut of the proceeds is getting harder. But, then again, why pay anyone a large share of the funds you are trying to raise?

From ring toss to skee ball, your kids are going to love the new way of raising funds for the school. Kids (of all ages) simply can’t resist the chance to win a prize. This is as natural to us as breathing. The temptation becomes even harder to resist when you know playing the games is helping to raise much-needed money for the school.

Host an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Birthdays are the perfect time to host a carnival right in your backyard. Among the many popular carnival games we carry are the Milk Can Toss game, the Knock It Off game, and of course several different bounce houses to choose from. Can you imagine the look on the faces of your child and their friends when they see the birthday party created just for them?

You can set up your own midway, build an indoor carnival under a big tent, or rent a hall in case of bad weather. The kids aren’t going to care where you put the carnival games, only that they get to spend the day enjoying the time of their lives. If you really want to add to the excitement, why not pick up a selection of toys and prizes for the kids to win?

Just Like the Real Thing

The only hard part of putting together your own carnival is trying to decide which carnival games to get. Our selection ranges from simple games for the younger crowd all the way to more challenging games for the older kids. We would be glad to help you make your selections so that they are just right for your group

Whether you are putting together a fundraiser for your school or planning an over-the-top birthday celebration for your child, San Diego Kids Party Rentals has the carnival games guaranteed to bring out the smiles. As an approved San Diego vendor, our equipment is approved for use at any city-owned venue. One final touch to your carnival: add an airbrush artist to the party! Contact us today and start planning the perfect event.

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Rent Fun Carnival Games for the Best San Diego Kids Birthday Party Ever!

Tired of the same old backyard birthday parties? Has your kid been bowling or roller skating every year for their party? This year, why not take them to the carnival? Don’t worry – you don’t have to wait for the carnival to get into town. You can throw your very own with our carnival game rentals. Set up an entire traveling carnival at the park, in your backyard, or anywhere you can gather, and watch your child have the best birthday of all.

Classic Carnival Game Rentals are Fun for All

Your kids won’t be the only ones having fun when you rent a few of our classic carnival favorites. A dunk tank gets the adults into the spirit as well, while the inflatable basketball hoop keeps everyone laughing while contenders step up to challenge the ultimate player. From a “dartless” balloon pop game to a fish pond game that is suitable for younger guests, we offer dozens of classic games that will create fun party stations. Don’t forget a classic strongman game, an inflatable slide, and a ping-pong toss booth!

Keep Your Carnival On-Theme with San Diego Kids Party Rentals

One thing that we offer with our extensive selection of carnival game rentals is the ability to customize a theme if you like. For example, choose the Swashbuckler Pirate Game, the Pirate Treasure Carnival Game, and a few fishing games to create the perfect “Adventures on the High Seas” themed carnival. Other themes you could easily create from our selection include outer space, farmhouse, sports fan, and more. And don’t forget to put it all under our huge circus canopy tent to complete the feeling of being at the carnival! No matter what your kids love, you can create a carnival atmosphere around their favorite theme.

Take Your Carnival to the Next Level

Want to go all out with your carnival this year? San Diego Kids Party Rentals can help. You can reserve clowns and jugglers to work the carnival booths, make balloon animals, and mingle with guests. Rent a cotton candy machine or a popcorn machine for a tasty circus snack, or a fun Ferris Wheel cupcake stand to show off the main course of any party with pizzazz. Whether you are creating a carnival for older kids or little ones, we have a large selection of games and other accessories to tailor the carnival to your guests. Just whip up some corn dogs and you’ve got the perfect carnival party in the making.

This year, skip the arcade, the bowling alley, or the skating rink for your child’s birthday, and try something new. Our carnival games are a great way to give them a party they will never forget.

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Amazing San Diego Kids Party Rentals to Help You Plan the Perfect Easter Party!

Getting back into the spirit of spring after a long winter is tough for people of all ages – but if there’s one surefire way to cheer a kid up for the warmer weather, it’s a party! Easter is a great time to throw a big “Welcome Back” party for spring, and for kids, there’s nothing better than finally being able to get back into the swing of some outdoor fun. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have tons of Easter party ideas to make this year the best spring yet.

Easter Party Ideas Start With the Icon

No Easter party for kids is complete without the Easter Bunny! At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, you can reserve the Easter Bunny Party Character to visit your party, pose for pictures, lead an egg hunt, and more. At your request, the Easter Bunny can also be wearing Mr. Bunny or Ms. Bunny attire, and you can choose from 30 minutes to two hours of appearance – or bring them both! Why not have both Bunnies come for an exciting meet and greet? Together they can give the kids an exciting story to tell for years to come.

Don’t Forget the Easter Bounce House

The Easter Bounce House with Slide is a favorite among kids who are gearing up for warmer weather. Designed with an Easter themed scene of chicks, eggs, and an Easter bunny, this bounce house is a fun way for the kids to get some energy out while you mingle or set up the meal. This is not your average bounce house. It includes a 4-in-1 funhouse set up, with an inflatable basketball court, a climbing section, a slide, and a bouncy room. You can reserve this and set it up anywhere you have a flat area that is within at least 100 feet of any electrical power source.

Have Your Easter Party Anywhere With San Diego Kids Party Rentals

San Diego Kids Party Rentals is an approved vendor in San Diego, meaning our equipment and characters are welcome at all city-owned venues such as parks. Having an Easter egg hunt in the park is a great way to encourage a little more active play time, and you don’t have to have as much equipment thanks to the playground. One bounce house, one Easter bunny, and some tasty snacks, and you’ve got an entire party ready to go! If you want to go all out, we can also offer the services of an airbrush artist to spray on some fun Easter temporary tattoos! The kids will look just like the Easter eggs, which makes great keepsake photos for the parents.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to create the perfect Easter party in one stop at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

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San Diego Bounce House & Slide Combos for Awesome Birthday Fun!

There is no greater excitement for a child than finding out that they have been invited to a party that will have a bounce house set up in the backyard. It is no secret that children love everything about bounce houses. Many parents are decided to treat their kids with the party of a lifetime, and have surprised them by renting a bounce house — but why not take it up a notch and try renting something new and exciting like a bounce house and slide combo?

Different Combos

When choosing which bounce house to rent from the San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals, many parents choose to go for the bounce house and slide combo, as it offers some extra features. Some bounce houses for rent in San Diego offer special combos such as inflatable basketball hoops, pop-up obstacles, climbing ramps, and inflatable slides.

Different Themes

Kids have different interests, so an array of themed bounce house and slide combos have been designed to cater to the preferences of every child. In fact, when choosing which bounce house and slide combo to rent in San Diego, many parents are surprised at how many choices they actually have. Not only are there themes for every holiday, but there are Disney, underwater, princess, jungle, sport, and alien themes. Also, our bounce house rentals are frequently updated, so chances are your child’s favorite character will be available from San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

Create a memorable birthday party in San Diego for your child with our inflatable bounce house and slide combos, all at an affordable price. Browse our current bounce house and slide combos today at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

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Streamline Outdoor Event Planning with San Diego Equipment Rentals

Planning an outdoor event or birthday party has never been so easy, and it’s all due to San Diego’s equipment rentals. Instead of having to rent tons of equipment from different businesses, party planners can now get everything they need from San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals.

The Perfect Outdoor Party

Picture the perfect outdoor party in your mind. Does it involve long tables with happily seated guests, a round table for the children situated underneath a carnival tent, a bounce house, a snow cone, popcorn, and hotdog machine, with a wireless speaker and microphone for shoutouts and speeches? All of these key party aspects used to be very difficult to pinpoint, but now thanks to San Diego’s equipment rentals, renting these fun party materials are as easy as surfing the internet or talking on the phone!

A Great Variety

When choosing to plan an event using San Diego’s equipment rentals, having a theme in mind can be helpful. In fact, everything from food machines to special effects machines can be rented, which is why San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals has become the go-to choice for many event planners, parents, and adults! Having everything in one place makes everything more simple, and being able to quickly handpick fun and quality items is a luxury that many people can now afford.

Birthday Party Planning

Since outdoor parties are ideal for the summer time, it is no wonder that parents take to planning their events in their backyards; however, most guests enjoy sitting down while eating, and so it is important to have enough seats and chairs for everyone. When choosing to rent equipment rentals in San Diego, many parents are pleased to find out that tables, chairs, canopies, and a variety of other party necessities are available as part of our available equipment rentals — which makes accommodating guests of all ages a whole lot easier!

Back in the day, event planning could be a hassle for those who weren’t experts, but now that San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals offers equipment rentals in San Diego, planning a party has never been more enjoyable! Imagine being able to plan the party of your child’s dreams completely online without having to take one trip to a store! Find the equipment rentals you need today at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals!

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Event Planners: Make Your Client Stand Out at Their Next San Diego Trade Show

Calling all event planners; it’s time to make your client stand out with San Diego party rentals. As an event planner, it is your responsibility to ensure your client stands out, especially at their trade show! Luckily, at San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals, we have the rentals you need to do just that!


San Diego Party Rentals


From tables and chairs, to photo booths and music players, we have you covered with our equipment rentals in San Diego. As an event planner, creativity is the name of the game. It is your job to create a stunning presentation for your client at a trade show to ensure people will visit their booth.


Here are a few of our San Diego party rentals we suggest for your next trade show (and why) :



Tables are essential for a trade show. Put a decorative table cloth over top of this rectangular table and set up shop! This isn’t one of the more exciting equipment rentals in San Diego, but it is important! Determine how many tables you will need for your trade show display and/or chairs for your workers and guests.


Demonstration Screen

Visuals are a must at a trade show booth! Wow your spectators with our standalone movie screen! This screen will make videos and photos enticing to passing guests and encourage them to stop. Include a visual display, similar to our movie screen, to ensure you are capturing their attention!



Project yourself! At a trade show, it is easy to get lost in the mix. You want to make your presence known. Rent our microphone and speaker to be sure your booth is noticed!


For more of our rentals that will make your client stand out at their next San Diego trade show, visit our website or contact us at 858-560-2700.


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