Back to School Parties Call for Inflatables and Slides

It’s just about that time again. Time for the kids to go back to school! And you know what that means: back to school parties. This all sound so good, at least until they tell you it’s your turn to plan the big event. While ordering the food, drinks, and so forth is the easy part, finding the right activities like a bounce house or one of the great new inflatable slides can prove to be just a little more difficult.

Finding the Right Fit

Before you get too excited about the idea of having a bounce house, you need to make sure the location of your back to school party is going to have enough space for it and for everything else you have planned for the event. When you order your inflatable house or slide from San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we let you know how much space it takes up or needs in total.

The area you choose should have a way to anchor the item securely to the ground and an outlet to connect the air pump. If the area you select does not have access to an electrical outlet, we can provide you with a generator; all you need then is a fuel can and the fuel. Our generators are quiet and will not disturb your guests in any way.

We Deliver to Your Party

Another concern many customers have expressed is that of being told by other suppliers that they have to provide their own transportation for the bounce house they rent. At San Diego Kids Party Rental, we not only deliver your bounce house or inflatable slides to your location, but our technicians will also set them up for you, test them, and secure them to the ground. More than this, once the rental is over, we come back to take the unit or units down, pack them up, and return everything to our warehouse, all as part of your rental fee.

Your kids are going to love having a bounce house to jump around in for a few hours, or maybe a couple of inflatable slides or water slides play on. When it comes to creating a fun back to school party, we have everything you could possibly need to turn a humdrum party into one of the greatest parties your kids have ever seen.

Along with a fantastic selection of inflatables, we offer the largest selection of carnival games in town, enough to create your own Midway, complete with prizes. But, no matter how many games you have to play, every kid that attends, both young and old, are sure to spend plenty of time jumping around and having a great time in the bounce house or inflatable slides you brought in from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. Don’t wait too long — we have very limited availability at this time of year; everything goes fast. Call us at (858) 560-2700 or visit us online to book your rental today and avoid disappointment for your back to your school party!

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Start Planning Now for the School Carnival – We Have Carnival Games to Suit Everyone

Just because your school is out on summer break doesn’t mean you don’t still have work to do. Most teachers and school administrators carry on working over the break. There are so many things to plan – from the new curriculum for the next class to organizing the annual school carnival in October. This year, you have been put in charge of planning and need to come up with something fun that isn’t going to cost the school a fortune. At the same time, you have to come up with something to keep the kids happy. Why not talk to the pros at San Diego Kids Party Rentals about their selection of carnival games in San Diego?

We Have Carnival Games for Rent

Carnival games evoke memories in most adults of wandering around the Midway tossing hoops over a bottle or throwing bean bags at milk bottle targets to win a prize. There was nothing like going home at the end of the day with a prize or two tucked under your arm. Times might have changed, with video games taking over at home and, of course, the age of cell phones and computers. But, kids are still kids, and all they really want to do is have fun.

What better way to give your students exactly what they want than with a selection of carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. We have over 65 different carnival games for rent. Many are the same games we have all been playing at carnivals for years such as Down a Clown (target game), miniature golf holes, balloon pop, and more. Others like Alien pinball are a little more up-to-date, but all are guaranteed to provide your students with a full three hours of fun and games for their school carnival.

We Make Everything Easy for You

At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we set out to make everything easy for you. We offer three different packages of carnival games in San Diego for each age group. Our packages include age-appropriate inflatable games and carnival games for rent. Not only do we discount these packages by up to 20%, but we deliver them to your school, set everything up for you so that it’s ready to go, and provide all the power you need.

When you rent our carnival games, after delivery and set-up, we make sure all games are fully operational, and then when your rental period is over, we come back, disassemble and deflate everything before taking it back to our warehouse. The only thing you have to worry about is selling tickets and watching your students and their families have a great time.

The earlier you book your carnival games in San Diego, the better the chances are that everything you want will be available. Start planning your fall School Carnival today by contacting San Diego Kids Party Rentals at (858) 560-2700. If you wait too long, you may find the games or packages you’re interested in will already be booked. Don’t delay; call us!

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Inflatable Obstacle Courses Add Learning to Your Child’s Birthday Party

Did you know that obstacle courses for kids up the age of five or six are more than just great fun (this includes inflatable obstacle courses just as much as permanent or home-made ones)? The more activities your child has to complete, the better. Your child will see the different exercises as fun and challenge themselves to achieve them. What they don’t know is that the more they master the obstacle course, the more they are improving both fine and gross motor skills.

Obstacle Courses Teach Memory and Sequencing

Most inflatable obstacle courses require your child to complete specific steps in the correct sequence to get to the end. Not only will your child start to understand how to accomplish things in the right order to complete the task, but with repetition, they will memorize the steps. The more complicated the course is, the more it will teach your child to use their memory and how to work in a specific order to complete a task. All while having the most fun any child can have on their birthday!

It Does a Body Good

An obstacle course should be made such that it includes both strength and balance tasks. Climbing walls, balance beams, monkey bars, or anything that works their muscles and helps them develop their sense of balance are all part of what goes into making a good course. So, too, are mazes, ball pits, walls to go over, and bars to go under — all things many inflatable obstacle courses offer.


Obstacle courses also teach kids to challenge themselves in several different ways. The first challenge is to learn their way through each of the obstacles. At the same time, this is testing their memory. The next challenge is learning the sequence in which the different obstacles appear. Then, it’s all about challenging themselves to see how fast they can make it from one end to the other. Each time your child meets their next challenge they are learning to master new skills.

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that something as simple as an obstacle course designed to keep your child and their friends happy and busy at your child’s birthday party had such an important side benefit? Play like this has been proven to help with building both body and core strength, body awareness (this covers learning where the various parts of their body are in relation to the space around them and how the different positions relate to each other), and hand-eye coordination.

Inflatable obstacle courses also help with motor planning (planning your next move before it happens), and “visual-motor integration” (a combination of what your child sees and what they do). These are all essential developmental skills.

Contact San Diego Kids Party rentals at (858) 560-2700 or visit us online to book one of our inflatable obstacle courses for your child’s birthday party today!

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Dunk Tanks Bring Excitement to Summer Company Picnics

Are you tired of the same old boring company picnic every year? You know the one…where the guys from the mailroom get drunk and put on an impromptu concert? Or, last year, everyone sat around waiting for something fun to happen, and then half the people who showed up left early. With the company picnic coming around again, your boss is already picking your brain for ideas. Why not sneak in one our dunk tanks?

Our Dunk Tanks Take the Boredom Out

This year, it’s time for you start looking for something completely different; something that everyone (with the exception of the boss, who will get dunked) is sure to love. In fact, why even bother telling the boss? One of the dunk tanks available at San Diego Party Rentals is just what the doctor ordered to jazz up the party.

Can you imagine the look on your boss’s face when almost everyone in the company is lined up waiting for their turn at trying to dunk him or her? Most bosses will volunteer to sit in the hot seat just for fun, some will do it to prove they aren’t chicken, and others might just be there to see who is brave enough to try and dunk them!

Hours of Fun Without Tons of Cash

If your boss is like most in the world, he or she is going to ask you to plan the annual company picnic and make sure it’s fun, but in the same breath, tell you to keep the costs down. How on earth can you do both? Dunk tank rentals at San Diego Party Rentals, that’s how! Instead of spending a fortune buying a dunk tank, you can rent one just for the day. We offer both inflatable dunk tanks and premium dunk tanks on a trailer for you to choose from.

Both work in the same way: the “dunkee” sits on the seat, while everyone else lines up to throw softballs at the trigger target. Imagine how much fun the gang is going to have seeing how many times they can dunk the boss in a single session. We provide everything you need except for water and power. The inflatable dunk tanks hold 350 gallons of water; the premium version holds 550 gallons. Both are capable of holding a person of up to 250 lbs. on the seat.

When we come to pick up the dunk tanks at the end of the event, the dunk tanks will need to be drained before they can be removed. You will need to have somewhere for all of that water to be drained. It can be a wide expanse of grass or direct access to a drain. Visit San Diego Party Rentals where you can see our dunk tank selection, and reserve yours for the next company picnic.

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Cool Off This Summer with an Inflatable Water Slide at Your Next Block Party

Ah! The good old summertime, when the livin’ is easy. That is, until you have to come up with something special for your next block party. While no one really wants to admit it, the annual summer block party has become a bit of a one-upmanship game. Last year, the neighbors down the block paid for one of those inflatable bouncy houses. This year, it’s your turn to provide the “big” plaything for the kids. If you are looking for a good idea, why not be the one who brings an inflatable water slide?

Why an Inflatable Water Slide?

Summers in the San Diego area can be very hot – especially inland – making for some very uncomfortable guests at the block party. If you add a water slide to the event, it will accomplish three things. First, you have just raised the block party bar to an all new level, setting the height for next year’s participants pretty high. Secondly, you’ve added something that kids of all ages can enjoy, and which will keep them occupied for hours at a time. And finally, it’s a great way to keep the kids cooled off when the heat gets to be unbearable.

The next question on your list is probably something along the lines of, “But aren’t inflatable water slides very expensive?” This might be true if you were actually planning to buy one. But, why on earth would you want to buy a water slide if all you are going to do is use it for one block party? A far better and more affordable choice would be to rent an inflatable water slide for the day of your block party.

The Advantages of Renting an Inflatable Water Slide vs. Buying One

Beyond not having to fork out thousands of dollars to buy a water slide you will probably only use once or twice, there are several other advantages to renting one instead. To start with, if you rent an inflatable water slide from San Diego Kids Party Rentals, you don’t have to find a way to get it to your home. As part of our rental service, we offer complete delivery and set up services. The only thing you need to provide is a source of power for the blower motor and source of water for the slide.

Then, there’s the tear-down and clean up: The kids are going to have an absolute blast all day long and you may have a hard time shutting it down at the end of the day. You’re probably dreading the idea of clearing it all up at the end. No problem there, either. When your party is over, our techs will come out, disassemble the inflatable water slide, pack everything back in the truck and return it to our warehouse.

For more information, see our complete selection of inflatable water slides, and book yours today. Visit San Diego Kids Party Rentals online and reserve your water slide early as they tend to book up fast in the summer season.

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Plan an Outdoor Movie Night with Our Inflatable Movie Screen

Looking for something fun and unusual to do over the weekend with your family? Looking for a great way to entertain your kids and half the kids in the neighborhood? Why keep everyone inside when you can create your own outdoor theater with an inflatable movie screen rental from San Diego Kids Party Rentals?

Three Different Size Choices for Your Inflatable Movie Screen Rental

No matter what size backyard you have or if you are using your local community park, we have an inflatable movie screen rental to match your needs.

9-Foot Inflatable Screen

This 9-foot inflatable screen lets you and your family watch the latest movies in the comfort of your backyard. It’s just like having your very own drive in without the need for a car. The 9-foot by 5-foot inflatable self-tensioning screen measures a full 123 inches diagonally and offers a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also comes with a Sanyo 3000 Lumens projector, a DVD player with screen, 400-Watt Mackie stereo speaker, audio mixer, microphone and everything else you need.

18-Foot Inflatable Movie Screen Rental

This 18-foot inflatable screen measures 21 feet by 18 feet and offers a full 18’6″ diagonal viewing area. With this, you also get stereo speakers, DVA, an audio mixer, DVD player and everything you need to host a movie night for up to 300-400 guests. Perfect for a very large backyard or your local park. Use it for neighborhood movie nights, corporate training, or a night at the movies for your community in the local park.

20-Foot Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

This one is perfect for use in your local park, out on the school playing fields, or for your next corporate event. You can use this screen in your backyard, but you are going to need a really big back yard. Enjoy full movie theater quality images. This system comes in its own custom hard case, tethers to secure it to the ground, and all the AV equipment you need for this 23-foot diagonal screen to provide maximum enjoyment for as many people as you care to invite.

Make It Fun for Your Family and Friends

Pair up a couple of great movies with one of our popcorn machines, hot dog steamers, or our insulated snow cone ice chest. Add some picnic blankets to sit on or maybe a few inner tubes for everyone to sit in and you are off to a good start.

Each inflatable movie screen rental package comes with a projector, an air blower surrounded by a sound muffling box, a DVD player, audio mixer, and everything you need. The only thing you need to supply is your audience, a place to set up, and access to a place to plug in. We set everything up for you and come back and tear it all down. All you have to do is choose what movies to show and let us handle the rest! Why wait? At San Diego Kids Party Rentals these screens book up fast, so call today or book your event online.

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Make Your Neighborhood Street Fair the Envy of the Other Neighborhoods

It’s that time of year again — time for the annual spring neighborhood street fair. Each year, your neighborhood group gets together and puts together some type of street party for everyone to enjoy. Many of your surrounding neighborhoods do the same thing. The big difference is that this year you are determined to put together the best neighborhood street fair possible, the one that will be the envy of all the others. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we can help with our selection of carnival game rentals.

Our Carnival Game Rentals Get the Party Started

When it comes to throwing a neighborhood street party, nothing says fun more than the latest in carnival game rentals from San Diego Kids Party Rentals. With our carnival games, we literally bring the carnival midway to your street or park.

Our selection of carnival game rentals includes over 60 game choices and we are constantly on the lookout for new ones. From inflatable basketball games to toss the hoop/ball classic Midway games, we’ve got them all. We’ve got fishing ponds for the little ones to play and win prizes. (That’s right, if you are going to have a Midway complete with games, don’t forget to provide plenty of prizes for the kids to win!)

Carnival Game Rentals for All Ages

No matter how young or old the “kids” attending your neighborhood street party happen to be, we have games to suit. Like you, we want ensure that your neighborhood street party is the one that sets the bar and is the envy of every neighborhood around.

We have “knock it off”-type games, “toss in the can” games, toss the hoops games, bowling, fun house mirrors, prize wheels, and dozens more. Get together with the rest of the group organizing the party and choose several different games. Create your own Midway with our carnival game rentals; plus, add a hot dog steamer, popcorn machine, a snow cone machine, and a cotton candy machine, and you have the makings of one of the best neighborhood street parties your neighbors have ever seen.

San Diego Kids Party Rentals Makes It Easy

If setting up your own Midway sounds like a lot of work, we take care of that too. Our team will deliver all of your carnival game rentals and food machines to your chosen location. They will then set them up and ensure all of your choices are up and running. All you have to do is bring everyone in the neighborhood and let them have fun. Oh, and you will need to put together a pretty good selection of prizes for everyone to win. At the end of the day, our team will come back and take care of packing everything up and returning it for you. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals we make it easy for you to have fun.

Contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals online here or call us at (858) 560-2700 to arrange for your carnival game rentals today!

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Birthday Party Central! Choose from Our Big San Diego Kids Bounce House Rental Selection!

Are you ready to give your child the birthday party of a lifetime? How about one he/she and all their friends are likely to never forget? “How do I do that?,” we hear you ask. The answer to this is to check out the huge selection of bounce house rentals available at San Diego Kids Party Rentals. There are many different ways you can make sure your kids have a memorable birthday party, but renting a bouncy house could be the ultimate one.

It’s All About Selection

At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we carry over 50 different bounce house rentals for you to choose from; we have one for virtually any type of party. Many of the bouncy houses we carry are themed, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, Monsters University, Disney Princess, Crayons, and Cat in the Hat.

If you need a bouncy house for a Halloween birthday, we have you covered. How about a Christmas birthday party? We can help with this too! We carry a selection of Super Bounce House rentals that measure 14 by 15 feet, providing guests with a much larger area to jump on than a standard 12’x13’. Whether you choose one of our standard bounce house rentals or go for the Super Bounce House, your guests are sure to have a great time.

We Bring Your Bounce House Rentals to You

Imagine renting a bouncy house from a company that doesn’t offer delivery services or charges you a fortune to deliver your rental equipment. If this doesn’t sound like fun, imagine having to rent your own truck, pick up the bounce house rentals, set them up by yourself, and then at the end of the day clean them all up, tear them all down, and then return them. This is what we at San Diego Kids Party Rentals call ridiculous.

When you use us for your bounce house rentals, we will deliver each inflatable to your desired location, set them in place, fully inflate them, secure them to the ground, and make sure they are ready to use. Once the party is over, we will come back, clean each of the houses down, and then remove them from the location.

What Do I Need to Supply?

If your property has an automated lawn sprinkler system, it will need to be turned off one day before the party. We will also need access to an electrical outlet that is no more than one hundred feet from where you plan to have us install the bounce house rentals. The ground needs to be flat and able to be easily accessed by a three-foot hand-truck. If you plan to set up where electricity is not available, we can also supply you with a generator; just let us know you need one when you make your reservations.

If you want to be sure you get the right bounce house rentals for your kid’s next birthday party, you need to book early, as they book up very quickly. Contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals at (858) 560-2700 or visit us online to book your reservation.

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Make Your Spring School Party the Best Ever with Our Carnival Game Rentals

Spring is upon us and with it comes the annual spring school party. Maybe this year, you have been put in charge of making all of the arrangements? This includes finding something to entertain a few hundred kids over the course of the day. While one day doesn’t sound like much time to have to fill, when you are talking about elementary and middle school kids, a few hours can suddenly seem like days. Maybe this year you should go for something completely different — like carnival game rentals — for this special annual event.

Remember the Days

Most of us can remember the days when going to the carnival meant spending hours playing the games along the midway in hopes of winning a doll or a stuffed animal. While the days of carnivals like this are slowly fading away, at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have everything you need to bring back the good old carnival days so that you can share them with your students.

San Diego Kids Party Rentals offers one of the largest selections of carnival game rentals in the San Diego area. Not only do we have the best selection today, we are constantly adding new, exciting games to our inventory to help keep it fresh so that your party is the hit of the season. Your students will enjoy a spring school party like they’ve never seen.

So Many to Choose From

From knock ’em games like “Down a Clown” to Miniature Golf holes, and from the Ring Toss to Skeet Ball, there is something for everyone in our carnival games rentals selection. Our games are priced affordably to ensure you can rent enough of them to create a fun experience for all of your students.

Many of these games are just like the ones seen at the carnivals that still come to town from time to time. While our carnival game rentals are sure to make the day special, there is one more thing you need to do if you want your students to truly have a good time. Make sure you have plenty of fun prizes to give to the winners.

Go one step further and have a range of prizes that vary in size and value, just like they do at the real carnivals. This way your students can keep trying to win the “big” prize. There are so many ways you can use our carnival game rentals to turn your ordinary spring school party into one that goes beyond extraordinary.

We Deliver

Be sure to check availability for each of the games you are interested in and make sure to book them early. Our carnival game rentals are very popular and tend to book up fast. Make your reservations for your favorite games today or risk being disappointed when they are no longer available.

To top it all off, we also deliver your games and set them up on site. Once your event is over, we will come take down the games, clean them and return them to our warehouse for you. Contact San Diego Kids Party Rentals online here or call us at (858) 560-2700 to arrange for your carnival game rentals today!

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Block Party Time is Also Bounce House Rentals Time!

Spring is in the air and you know what that means in your neighborhood. It means time for the big annual block party. The one that no one on your block misses unless they have absolutely no choice! In fact, everyone on the block has been talking about how to make this year’s a block party to remember. If there is one thing we know here at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, it’s that everyone loves a bouncy house and we have dozens of different styles for you to choose from.

What Is It About Bouncy Houses?

What is it about bounce house rentals that seem to affect kids of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest? Yes, parents and grandparents, we are talking about you! Anyone can play in our bounce houses, providing you don’t have an injury that would prevent you from doing so. From castles to monster trucks, and from Mickey Mouse to the latest Frozen large-size bounce house, we have you covered.

What better way to let the “kids” in the neighborhood have a good time during the block party than a bounce house? What about one that is delivered and set up for you by a team of pros on the day of the party before the guests arrive? The only thing we need is an electrical outlet in which to plug the air pump.

When the party’s over, and everyone has gone back home for the day, our crew will come back, deflate the bounce house, and then bring it back to us for the next person to use. Why not have us deliver a couple of bounce house rentals to your block party — maybe one for the smaller kids and one for the older ones?

Want to Add Even More Fun?

Do you want to add more fun to your block party? Do you remember going down the Midway each time the carnival came to town, playing all the games, and hoping to win a prize? Those were magical times that seem to have gone by the wayside over the last couple of decades. But that’s okay because at San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we have the perfect solution.

We have the best selection of carnival games in town. With more than 69 games for you to choose from, you can create your own Midway in the local park or along a closed street. Games with prizes for the winners are always popular and are a great way to raise money for your next block party. Who knows, maybe next year you can add a couple of water slides to the event.

From inflatable water slide rentals to carnival games and inflatable bounce house rentals, San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals is the only outdoor party supply and equipment rental store you should ever need. Come and see us or book your rental online. Just be sure to book early as our bounce house rentals tend to book up very quickly.

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