Add a Big Top Tent & Create an Authentic Carnival Game Atmosphere

No circus or carnival themed party is complete without the big top. That huge tent is where all of the real action takes place. With this in mind, why on earth would you even think about throwing a carnival themed party without a big top tent? Big splashy birthday parties are all the rage these days with more parents looking at themed parties as a way to go all out. Carnival games have become very popular with the younger crowd who want to be kept busy.

It Doesn’t Matter What the Weather Does

For most parents, one of the biggest worries about hosting an outdoor party complete with a selection of carnival games from San Diego Kids Party Rentals is the weather. It doesn’t take a lot of rain to wash out the best planned outdoor party. Ready for some good news? There is a great way you can keep your party going no matter what the weather does.

How do you do this? By adding a Big Top Tent to the party. These brightly colored striped tents look just like scaled-down versions of the real thing. Our tents offer a 10-foot by 20-foot circus-themed canopy. The blue and yellow vertical stripes are dotted with circus posters that only add to the atmosphere.

Big Top Tents Become the Focal Point of the Party

Inside the tent is plenty of room to set up the carnival games if the weather turns bad.  But, even if you have a nice sunny day with picture perfect weather, you can always use a nice big tent. You can use the space for the tables full of food; or set out tables for the kids to sit at while they have their cake and ice cream. Or tents can be used to give the grownups some shade while the kids run around out in the sun.

Having a big top tent can give the perfect place for the kids to unwind after a long day of playing carnival games. It’s also the perfect place to host a movie night and sleepover after the party. Have all of those who can stay over bring a sleeping bag, make hot cocoa, set up the big screen and bring on the movies. Talk about creating a birthday party those who were “lucky” enough to be invited to will never forget!

Best Carnival Games for Your Party

When it comes to a party like this, it’s all about the different party games you have set up for the kids to play. At San Diego Kids Party Rentals, we offer dozens of carnival games for you to choose from. We have games for all ages of children to ensure you can find the perfect games for your party. The best part is that our tents are approved for use in any San Diego public park or venue, so you can always book a spot and take the party safely away from your home to a park that may be more centrally located to everyone. ¬†Contact us today to schedule your carnival games and tent rentals. Book early as these items tend to be booked out in advance.

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