Dunk Tanks Bring Excitement to Summer Company Picnics

Are you tired of the same old boring company picnic every year? You know the one…where the guys from the mailroom get drunk and put on an impromptu concert? Or, last year, everyone sat around waiting for something fun to happen, and then half the people who showed up left early. With the company picnic coming around again, your boss is already picking your brain for ideas. Why not sneak in one our dunk tanks?

Our Dunk Tanks Take the Boredom Out

This year, it’s time for you start looking for something completely different; something that everyone (with the exception of the boss, who will get dunked) is sure to love. In fact, why even bother telling the boss? One of the dunk tanks available at San Diego Party Rentals is just what the doctor ordered to jazz up the party.

Can you imagine the look on your boss’s face when almost everyone in the company is lined up waiting for their turn at trying to dunk him or her? Most bosses will volunteer to sit in the hot seat just for fun, some will do it to prove they aren’t chicken, and others might just be there to see who is brave enough to try and dunk them!

Hours of Fun Without Tons of Cash

If your boss is like most in the world, he or she is going to ask you to plan the annual company picnic and make sure it’s fun, but in the same breath, tell you to keep the costs down. How on earth can you do both? Dunk tank rentals at San Diego Party Rentals, that’s how! Instead of spending a fortune buying a dunk tank, you can rent one just for the day. We offer both inflatable dunk tanks and premium dunk tanks on a trailer for you to choose from.

Both work in the same way: the “dunkee” sits on the seat, while everyone else lines up to throw softballs at the trigger target. Imagine how much fun the gang is going to have seeing how many times they can dunk the boss in a single session. We provide everything you need except for water and power. The inflatable dunk tanks hold 350 gallons of water; the premium version holds 550 gallons. Both are capable of holding a person of up to 250 lbs. on the seat.

When we come to pick up the dunk tanks at the end of the event, the dunk tanks will need to be drained before they can be removed. You will need to have somewhere for all of that water to be drained. It can be a wide expanse of grass or direct access to a drain. Visit San Diego Party Rentals where you can see our dunk tank selection, and reserve yours for the next company picnic.

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