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With winter slowly starting to recede, spring and summer are just around the corner. With this time of year comes hot weather, picnics, and of course, tons of outdoor activities. For those planning their school fundraisers, finding the right activities to draw in the crowds has always been challenging.

Standard fundraising events are all well and good, but only go so far. When you really want to raise money for your school, you have to come up with something that is going to wow the crowds. And what better way to do so than by checking out the inflatable water slide rentals available at San Diego Kids Party Rentals.Water Slide Rental in San Diego

Time to Cool Down

When the weather is hot outside and the crowds are starting to get overheated, they need a way to cool down in a hurry. What better way to do so than sliding down a slippery slope into a nice big pool of cool, clear water? Kids of all ages will have a blast slip-sliding their way down into the pool at the end of the run.

We offer a number of different inflatable water slide rentals for you to choose from. How much fun the kids at your school fund-raiser this spring or summer have depends on which one of our water slides you decide to choose. Each of them is guaranteed to be fun.

Choose from Our Selection of Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

At the Top of the Line-Up

Start at the top, with our 56-foot long dual-lane Tropical Water Slide, one of the newest additions to our lineup. This amazing water slide starts out with a radical slide angle that drops the rider a full 22 feet down the tropical slide before shooting them down the 34 feet of remaining slide. This slide is perfect for school fundraisers, backyard parties, block parties, and so much more. This slide is big enough that even the teenagers are sure to have a blast.

Going Straight Is Not Everything

There are times when going straight can feel pretty boring. If you prefer something with a little more of a twist to it, we have you covered. As part of our inflatable water slide rentals, we are proud to offer our Corkscrew Water Slide. Riders start out by climbing 17 steps up to the top of the 22-foot slide. On the way down the slide rotates you through a 180 degree right turn, building up speed the whole way as you roar through the tunnel, before hitting one last 90-degree turn at the end of this 44-foot water slide.

For the Younger Ones

No event is complete without something for the younger kids to enjoy (or the bigger ones too). For this, we have our 38-foot long 2-Lane Run ‘n Splash water slide. Think of this as a massive slip ‘n slide for two. The kids can have competitions to see who can slide the furthest, with the winner getting a prize.

When it comes to finding the perfect addition to your spring and summer school fundraisers, backyard parties or just about any other outdoor event you have planned, why not include at least one of the many inflatable water slide rentals available from San Diego Kids Party Rentals? Your party is sure to make a splash!

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