Inflatable Obstacle Courses Add Learning to Your Child’s Birthday Party

Did you know that obstacle courses for kids up the age of five or six are more than just great fun (this includes inflatable obstacle courses just as much as permanent or home-made ones)? The more activities your child has to complete, the better. Your child will see the different exercises as fun and challenge themselves to achieve them. What they don’t know is that the more they master the obstacle course, the more they are improving both fine and gross motor skills.

Obstacle Courses Teach Memory and Sequencing

Most inflatable obstacle courses require your child to complete specific steps in the correct sequence to get to the end. Not only will your child start to understand how to accomplish things in the right order to complete the task, but with repetition, they will memorize the steps. The more complicated the course is, the more it will teach your child to use their memory and how to work in a specific order to complete a task. All while having the most fun any child can have on their birthday!

It Does a Body Good

An obstacle course should be made such that it includes both strength and balance tasks. Climbing walls, balance beams, monkey bars, or anything that works their muscles and helps them develop their sense of balance are all part of what goes into making a good course. So, too, are mazes, ball pits, walls to go over, and bars to go under — all things many inflatable obstacle courses offer.


Obstacle courses also teach kids to challenge themselves in several different ways. The first challenge is to learn their way through each of the obstacles. At the same time, this is testing their memory. The next challenge is learning the sequence in which the different obstacles appear. Then, it’s all about challenging themselves to see how fast they can make it from one end to the other. Each time your child meets their next challenge they are learning to master new skills.

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought that something as simple as an obstacle course designed to keep your child and their friends happy and busy at your child’s birthday party had such an important side benefit? Play like this has been proven to help with building both body and core strength, body awareness (this covers learning where the various parts of their body are in relation to the space around them and how the different positions relate to each other), and hand-eye coordination.

Inflatable obstacle courses also help with motor planning (planning your next move before it happens), and “visual-motor integration” (a combination of what your child sees and what they do). These are all essential developmental skills.

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